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Are you looking to streamline your Ad Hoc HR processes to minimize slip-ups and maximize efficiency? Do you find that most HR tools are confusing, time-consuming, and downright expensive? If you said yes to these questions, you’re bound to find a great deal of value in TotallyHR by Interactive PDF Corp.

Interactive PDF Corp. concentrates on creating information management tools that collect and organize all your departmental data (for example, financial, sales, customer service) into one interactive PDF for faster and easier access to information. Our tools enable you to provide your employees with more guidance, freedom, and time to excel at their jobs. At the same time, they give you more time to manage and grow your business to succeed in every way.

Our TotallyHR interactive PDF (iPDF) is an interactive management tool. It is similar to an interactive index that maps different processes, templates, policies, and files across your HR department. This allows you to access all of your HR-related details through a single tool. Moreover, it’s easy to use for everyone who has access as it provides a process map to direct users in seven or fewer clicks.

The purpose of our product is to give business owners a tool that will support their employees, which will, in turn, help support their business. By deploying TotallyHR to employees, you support their success, which will inherently cause the business to also succeed. By this, we mean if employees have more guidance, time, and freedom to do their job, they will be able to provide better performance and productivity for the business to thrive.

While TotallyHR is very user-friendly and quick to use, an added benefit is that it will integrate with all devices, all operating systems, and all management software. And the best part is that the cost of our HR tool is only a fraction of the price of all the alternative options available in this market space! Our product starts at just CAD 9,500. Requests for additional features will cost more but won’t force you to break the bank, which is always a great sign.

The alternatives to our product are management software systems that are five times the cost of what we offer. They also take ten times as long to deploy and require extensive user training. If you have new personnel in your HR department, teaching them how to use these software will take a very long time, the possibilities of errors, and becoming frustrated with the situation are also much higher.

On the other hand, TotallyHR is very easy to get the hang of and incorporate into your business. Furthermore, our tool can be implemented and deployed relatively quickly. To derive maximum benefit from TotallyHR, it should be used with an Adobe Acrobat Reader. That’s all a user needs, along with the ability to point and click to use our system. For training and demonstrations regarding the usage of this tool, you can simply contact us, and we will schedule a demonstration call where our experts take you through our product and help you make the most of it as per your requirements.

If you’d like to give our secure and customizable PDF products ago, get in touch with Interactive PDF Corp by emailing us at hello@interactivepdf.com or giving us a call at (647) 884-9099. When you avail of our TotallyHR tool, the process involves:

1. Up to ten hours of consultation

2. Collection of all information and resources

3. Design and creation of the dashboard navigation menu

4. Implementation and deployment

We will explain all of these steps to you during our initial consultation to have a complete understanding of what our products and services entail. Our software company was founded by our CEO Harish Chauhan and is currently located in Ontario, Canada. We deliver high quality and holistic solutions to businesses worldwide to help them build smooth processes that are quick to implement and use. Our iPDFs also make learning easier and enable, empower, and engage users with the content they need when they need it. Our products can be used online, and offline without the need to switch tabs, apps, or files as everything you need is available on one PDF!

To learn more about our iPDFs, please visit our website by clicking here. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us here

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