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1.8+ billion websites make the world work smarter.
Shouldn’t corporate training work more like websites?
Introducing interactive iPDFs.

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What are Interactive PDFs?

Interactive PDFs (iPDF) are the ultimate job performance support tool. You can consolidate large amounts of information into an easy to consume format. It is a single clickable file built with hyperlinks, so it functions just like a website. iPDFs are secure and can function both online and offline.

Why iPDF


When you have 100 users or more, ideally more the better, the per unit cost of the iPDF starts to shrink depending on the size of the document.

Decentralized Training

If you want to have standardized training across different locations, the iPDF becomes a really good tool because you have a single source of truth

Technology Applications

Regardless of the application, the technology is the same so you could use the same iPDF across all those different lines.

Regulations & Compliance

Things like banking, food and drug, finance, insurance, fraud, governance etc. You can do a rinse and repeat iPDF model for that too

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Give the learner control to learn
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Catered to Millenials

They need content delivered quickly
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Cater learning to everyone’s
different styles

Maximizes ROI

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deliver desired results

Types of iPDFs

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