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Introducing interactive iPDFs. Work smarter in 7 clicks or less.

What are interactive PDFs

Interactive PDFs (iPDF) are the ultimate job performance support tool. You can consolidate large amounts of information into an easy to consume format. It is a single clickable file built with hyperlinks, so it functions just like a website. iPDFs are secure and can function both online and offline

iPDFs become very affordable:

When you have 100 users or more, ideally more the better, the per unit cost of the iPDF starts to shrink depending on the size of the document. For large implementations it’s really beneficial when looking at the cost per person for the training

Decentralized training:

if you want to have standardized training across different locations, the iPDF becomes a really good tool because you have a single source of truth

Technology applications:

If you have robots working on an assembly line, you may have the same robot working on multiple different lines. Regardless of the application, the technology is the same so you could use the same iPDF across all those different lines.

Regulations and compliance:

Things like banking, food and drug, finance, insurance, fraud, governance etc. You can do a rinse and repeat iPDF model for that too

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Types of iPDFs


You can have your iPDFs have an Index so you can easily sort and organize your data in the PDF to extract the key information you need in that moment, instead of scrolling through.

Role based

PDFs can be used for various roles in the organization to do on the job-training for the specifics of that role and the tasks required for that role.


Processes can be documented on iPDFs and referred to at any time when unclear of the process


Processes and things change fast within an organization. With iPDFs you can make quick changes that will be made in real time.


A way to communicate key information that employees need to know about the tasks associated with their roles within the organization. Can communicate via PDFs.


PDFs Encryption is used to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your PDF files. You can add a password that will keep your PDFs secure, and only share with those who need access to these files.

How iPDF Provides Real Learning

  • When learning new information, everyone suffers from the forgetful curve, where over time, new information gets forgotten.
  • Repeated Retrieval during learning is the key to long-term retention
  • iPDF is beneficial because it is micro-learning, designed to be reviewed and used over and over
  • After each review more information is retained

Benefits of Using an iPDF

Learning while you work improves knowledge transfer

They need content delivered quickly and easily

Learning anywhere and anytime is what matters

Cater learning to everyone’s different style

Give the learner control to learn only what they want and need to know

Saves time and money and will deliver desired results

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Harish Chahuan

Executive Manager

Harish Chahuan

Executive Manager

Harish Chahuan

Executive Manager

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Why Our Company Was Born

We are a digital adoption solution company. We exist to resolve why 75% of ERP implementations fail (Gartner). Interactive PDFs help people perform complex workflows, as required for ERP systems, so they can get their work done smarter.