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What is TotallyHR?

Built as a single iPDF, TotallyHR is a new product being offered by Interactive PDF Corp. It is an interactive management tool that works like an interactive index to help you find any process map, policy, template, or file across your entire HR department. TotallyHR not only contains the locations of the resources in just ONE tool, but it also provides a process map to direct users to the resource,  in 7 clicks or less!

TotallyHR brings your HR processes to life all at once, without the need to train, provide logins or define process flows and create RACI’s.

Unlike websites which function to inform, or document management and storage systems like Sharepoint that fail to identify tasks, or HRMS systems which require extensive training, TotallyHR is intuitive, compatible across all systems and platforms, provide security for sensitive information, and has tools which functions to teach while on the job. Just point and click and you're there!

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Product Features

  • Single Downloadable PDF Format File (Universably Accessible)
  • Interactive PDF with Built in Navigation
  • Built in Password Protection for Processes and Templates
  • Embedded Templates from MS applications – Excel, Powerpoint and Word
  • 100% Offline, Online and Remote use compatible
  • 100% Device Compatibility: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
  • 100% Process Compliance ensured upon deployment
  • No Training Required – functions just like an app
  • Deployment in less than 30 days


Who is TotallyHR for?

TotallyHR is for business owners and executives who are currently running an Ad Hoc HR system. An Ad Hoc HR system is when someone who is not an HR professional is handling critical HR tasks in an informal way as a secondary role without the training that is necessary to be successful. Typically, these systems are run by Ad Hoc HR Managers who are usually a small business owner, the president of the company, or business executive with no proper or formal training in human resources.

What’s the cost?

One of the major costs to an Ad Hoc HR system is that often small businesses with this kind of system do have workflow processes standardized, procedures codified, or an up-to date handbook that explains policies, benefits, and procedures. This failure can cause liability issues such as:

  • Hostile work environments becoming predominant within company culture
  • Unaddressed complaints becoming serious
  • Poor employee engagement leading to high turn over
  • Non-compliance with current legislation

These liability issues, if left unresolved, can lead to incredible financial penalties!

What’s the personal cost?

Time is money, especially for small business owners, presidents of a company, and executives. Up to 20% of a work-day can be taken up managing HR tasks. Image what could be done if that much time could be cut in half!

  • More time for sales calls
  • More time for company growth
  • More time for strategic development

How much is your time worth?

Who is TotallyHR for
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TotallyHR provides benefits and intangible benefits that increase organization, productivity, efficiency by improving on time management, standardization, and compliance! Save millions of dollars in:

  • Non-Compliance Costs (up to millions of dollars in savings)
  • Implementation Costs (up to 83% savings)
  • Opportunity Costs (up to 33% savings)
  • Low Productivity Costs (up to 67% savings)
  • Information Management Costs (up to 80% savings)

Better Compliance!

Protect yourself and your company from liability. Having your HR processes and procedures standardized, documented, and accessible to all your employees increases your compliance and reduces the risk of fines and penalties associated with non-compliance. The cost of non-compliance has gone up 45% since 2011, with costs becoming as high as $14.82 million in:

  • Legal Settlements
  • Business Disruption
  • Productivity Loss
  • Revenue Loss
  • Damage to Business Reputation
  • Criminal Charges


TotallyHR protects you and your business by:

  • Increasing HR Compliance
  • Increasing HR Process Visibility & Alignment
  • Minimizing HR Litigation
  • Increasing Team Management Collaboration
  • Increasing HR Confidence
Better compliance
Fast Access

Faster Access!

Time is money. One of the most nefarious drains on time is the cost of finding information. Employees can spend on average of 2.5 hours per day just looking for information that is not centralized. This can cause performance, productivity, and efficiency problems because of this waste of time which sometimes leads to lost knowledge! This can cause:

  • Operations Disruption
  • Increased accidents
  • Increased costs due to inability to perform standard tasks
  • Reduced ability to achieve strategic objectives
  • Quality Disruptions
  • Increased time to accomplish tasks


TotallyHR aims to centralize all your HR processes and policies, allowing for a fast, smooth, and streamlined knowledge transfer. TotallyHR can save you more than a third of the time looking for information compared to traditional methods, saving you thousands a week or even millions a year by:


  • Increasing and improving faster access to information
  • Reducing Opportunity Cost
  • Improving employee resolution
  • Increasing turn around time for HR accountabilities
  • Increasing learning in the flow of work


Free up your time for more productive efforts!


Easier Navigation!

Poor information management affects the productivity of a company. The main issue with information management? Poor navigation systems. Employees must navigate constantly between different systems and locations to find what they need. This creates a huge drain on resources! An employee's job would be much easier if they did not have to worry about where the information resides. Instead of updating and improving outdated structures and unintegrated systems, information is continuously being:

  • Duplicated
  • Misplaced in the wrong sharing system
  • Saved in the wrong folder/system
  • Mislabeled 


TotallyHR captures all departmental knowledge and provides easy navigation to its respective location, all from one tool! TotallyHR provides an information management system that:


  • Integrates across all systems (accessible on all hardwares and softwares)
  • Organizes Information
  • Provides navigation to all information


Instead of navigating between different systems one at a time, navigate between them through the use on a single tool - TotallyHR!


Organize your information properly to provide more time for a project rather than wasting it.

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