Harish Chauhan

Author: Sanika Rane |


CEO & Founder

“I live to create training and learning that drives the business and empowers their people.”

I am an international business, brand, and people performance expert, educator, practitioner, and the author of Unconventional Business—3 Startling Truths for Corporate Prosperity®.

As founder of BPh and the Unifying Philosophy® (UPh: a UPh is a company’s DNA in 6 words or less), I help some of the world's best companies (Fortune 1000 and private / family-owned businesses) achieve extraordinary business performance and well-being.

My internationally renowned system successfully overcomes complex, chronic, and systemic challenges facing even the most successful companies.

Since 1991, I have created, built, and executed over 150 Brand Identities, and have established over 40 UPh Strategies for leading private and family-owned enterprises in Canada, the United States, Bermuda, England, and India.

BPh and a client success story was featured in PROFIT Magazine's cover story on The BIGGEST LIE IN BUSINESS—How Most Entrepreneurs Deceive Themselves by Claiming to Know Their Competitive Advantage (Nov 2008). I also presented successful UPh case studies at the 2006 FFI conference in San Francisco (Decoding the Family Business DNA), as well as the 2009 7th Annual PROFIT 100 CEO Summit (Make More Money with your Brand).

I have designed and delivered over 300 instructor lead workshops and seminars for CEOs, professionals, and managers and their staff.

My broad experience across a diverse range of industries include healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, heavy equipment, engineering, construction, telecom, food service, and financial services.

My learning expertise spans both instructor, e-Learning, and virtual learning design methodologies.

Client projects include TD, Scotiabank, LoyaltyOne, Adidas, Xerox, Starbucks, Warner Brothers, Golf Town, Sears, CAA, KIA, TJX, and UHN.

My most recent publication was accepted at the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) World Conference on e-Learning, titled: Changing Cancer Care by Changing Disorienting Dilemmas in October 2015.

I deliver innovation, passion, and strategic savvy to create engaging, relevant, and inspiring workshops and keynotes.

Since 2012, I have mentored 100+ undergrads and new grads, providing relevant work experience to help them land their first job. My mentorship program boasts a 75+% placement rate.

I am a double graduate of Carleton University, Ottawa, with a B.Eng. and B.ID degree. I live in the Toronto area with my wife and 2 children.

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