Author: Sanika Rane |

Interactive PDF Corporation offers a 6-month warranty. All edits and fixes having to do with the functionality of the interactive PDF will be covered under this warranty. All content edits will be limited to three separate requests and for up to 15 individual content items in total, bundled within each separate request under this warranty within the 6-month period.

For example:

First request has three content changes

Second request has ten content changes

Third request has two content changes

Examples of individual content items: word change, table change, and diagram change all constitute as three individual content items.

Any claims for edits, fixes, adjustments, or maintenance that have to be made because the iPDF was tampered with that did not involve interactive PDF Corporation and/or its designated representatives will void the warranty and will incur a charge of an hourly rate of $100/hour.

Any requests for edits, adjustments, or maintenance of the iPDF after the 6-month warranty period will require paying an hourly rate of $100/hour charge.

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